How do I get the best out of MyShowcaseVIP?

First, focus on your existing customer base – all of those clients who you have either met or who have previously ordered from MyShowcase.
Second, send them an email letting them know that MyShowcase has launched a brand new Personal Beauty Shopping service, MyShowcaseVIP, which you are delighted to offer to them.
Here is MyShowcase Founder, Nancy’s suggested email:
“Dear [Add name – or use a generic term such as ‘Clients’ ‘Friends’ etc.],
MyShowcase recently launched a brand new Personal Beauty Shopping service, MyShowcaseVIP. It's a monthly personal recommendation service, from me, your personal Stylist to you, and it’s online!
There’s no need to attend or host a Showcase in order to shop. It's completely free and there is no obligation to purchase. As a current valued customer of mine, I have opted you in to receive the first edition of this VIP service.
MyShowcase VIP works like this:
  1. Receive a monthly email that is entirely tailored to you, not full of generic beauty products.
  2. Shop your personal recommendations directly from the email at the click of a button. You’ll be redirected to your VIP basket on where you can add or remove items!
  3. Feel free to ask me to edit how often you receive your VIP recommendations (fortnightly, bi-monthly, quarterly), or if you would like to opt out of this service entirely.
  4. Our VIP service is available to you at any time. Need something specific? Simply contact me, your personal Stylist, with any beauty must-haves and I’ll be in touch with your tailored beauty fix!
You will receive your first MyShowcaseVIP recommendation on [ADD DATE], and I would really love to hear your feedback.
With kind regards,
[Your name]”
**Important: If you are mass mailing your client base, remember to add their email addresses into bcc (blind copy) and address the email to yourself. You should never allow others to see your client’s email addresses.
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