How does the split payment work?

Technically, how does this work?  After the Stylist has accepted the cash from her customer and inputted her own card details, a voucher to the value of the cash amount will then carry over into the order total where the second card will be used to fulfil the order.
What to do at checkout:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the required “Ts & Cs” box, and then click "SPLIT PAYMENT".

2. Enter the desired amount (of the cash collected) and click the small button next to it that says "PAY".

3. Enter the STYLIST CARD DETAILS here to complete the payment for the amount entered.

4. This will bring you back to the checkout page where you can then enter the details by clicking on PAY BY CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD.


For more info see "How to: Split Payments" in your Resource Centre > Your Business.

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