Where can I find someone's postal address?

You can see all the addresses to which you have sent orders at the bottom of your Account page.

To get to your Account page,

  • Click on 'My Account', top right of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom.

As a Stylist you can also see the postal address for all your customers, in addition to the Stylists in your 1st Line (those that are directly linked to you).

For customers and Stylists there are two options

  • On the Customer tab, after you find the person whose address you want (i.e.. scroll the list of customers or use the search function), click on their email address then scroll to the bottom of their Account page
  • On the Order tab, find the order of the person whose address you want then click on the order number.

You also have access to the postal addresses of every Stylist in your 1st Line. You can get their postal address by going to their Commission Report, clicking on their name (on top of the report) then scrolling to the bottom of their Account page.


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