What is a Charity Showcase and how does it work?

A Charity Showcase is where, instead of the Host receiving the voucher and discount, MyShowcase donates 10% of the net sales (after discounts and VAT) from the Showcase to the Host's charity of choice.

     How it works

To create a Charity Showcase, select event type ‘charity’ from the dropdown menu when setting up the Showcase. Input the name of the Host (this could be the event organiser).
The sales from a Charity Showcase are calculated as the total value of the orders paid by attendants of the Showcase, excluding VAT and discounts. Orders placed up to 2 weeks after the Charity Showcase can be counted towards the total sales.
After this two week period you, the Stylist will need to email support@myshowcase.com with the following details:

  • The Showcase id. number (found at the top of the ‘Showcase Details’ page)
  • Registered Charity Number (if paying by bank transfer)
  • All order names and numbers that are attributed to the Charity Showcase.
  • Name of the charity. We pay these donations electronically via bank transfer or via the charity’s online donation page. Please provide the correct, corresponding details.

Without these details we cannot process the payment. Please make sure you have these.


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